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Sonya Groot

Hola from Ibiza! The white island where I happily settled in 2000 after traveling the world for some years. In Ibiza I organize and style weddings & events. Being a party planner/organizer I meet all kinds of clients from all over the world and the parties come in all shapes and sizes. It's a rewarding challenge to sense what every celebration needs and to create the right scene that goes beyond the clients imagination and expectations.

Esther and I are connected for a long time, we have met through our styling jobs both working for the largest publisher house in The Netherlands before I moved to Ibiza. We became close friends and always stayed in touch sharing our love for styling and interest in traditional handcrafts.

Working and traveling together for Elpelut is fun, combining our ideas and challenging each other motivates the both of us. Next to creating our own products we love wandering around markets, finding hidden shops and unknown places. We are searching for the most extraordinary and original items of the world and we like to take you with us on our journey. 

Enjoy our website!


With love,


Esther de Munnik

Hunting for little treasures and feeling euphoric when I found special items. That’s what I’ve always loved to do. I never could have imagined that what started as a guilty pleasure, would turn into a way of making a living. Bringing inspiration to others by creating the right ambiance and atmosphere. Communicating through covers of established and upcoming magazines. My clients come to me from all directions to create and capture special moments. My most precious items found in all my treasure hunts, are the ones that bring up the right emotions and vibes. They need to reflect and image the way I perceive the world. 


And that is exactly what connects me with Sonya. We look, we feel, we visualize and we don’t need words to know when it all comes together. We both operate from that level and complement each other. We both work from different corners of the world; we both lead different lives with our families; and yet we connect by sharing our passion for collecting the good stuff, the best stuff for our own treasure site Elpelut. Not because we have to, but because we feel that these treasures of the world need to be seen, known and experienced. And like the Peluts we are free in this world to explore and to discover all its treasures.
I invite you to do the same.


Happy hunting!



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