Colorful Night
Mosquito Net and Mattresses

Elpelut Atelier Canopy Nets Ibiza

“Let’s stay in bed all day experience”

Our new collection of Canopy Nets are now available in 10 colors:
Olive, Whiskey, Mandel, Chocolate, Hazel, Dawn,
Pacific Blue, Cognac, Dark Brown and Cream.

Our nets are made of 100% cotton. 
Size double bed: Length 220, Width 200, Height 235 cm 

Handmade mattresses

Our mattresses are ideal for yoga, picnics, as a beautiful dektop 
for your bed or just bring it with you for a siesta in the park or beach


The double sided mattresses are totally handmadeof woven Ikat
and hand printed fabrics, the 100% biological cotton filling makes
them feel delicious. Due to the handmade process
the sizes are variable between 90 and 70cm width
and they measure 200 cm in length.

Contact us for our wholesale prices and fun assignments.
We like to surprise you.

Mattresses Ibiza Elpelut Atelier
Elpelut Atelier Canopy Nets Ibiza
Elpelut Elpelut • Canopy Net  • Atelier • Ibiza • color Pacific Blue
Elpelut Atelier Mattresses Ibiza
Elpelut Atelier Mattresses Ibiza
Elpelut Atelier Canopy Nets Ibiza