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Elpelut's the hair. The long, big and messy hair

The hair. The long, big and messy hair. That is what the Ibicencos in the 1960's noticed most about the Hippies who chose the White Isla as their forever temporary home. It was going to be a wild ride and the locals called them
Els Peluts - The Hairy Ones.

And yet, when you looked beyond all the hair, there was something strangely appealing about the new inhabitants; they brought items and goods with them from all over the world. Jewels from Nepal, crocheted items from Thailand, fabrics from the Bedouin tribes to name a few.

The Hippies would happily trade with others in the streets and small gatherings to fund their travels to other faraway places. And from those places they brought back more beautiful things. Pure, sincere treasures, with a certain rawness. Together they started small markets that became a succes and famous for Ibiza.The markets were not only a place to trade their goods, but also a meeting point, a melting pot of cultures where stories were told, where artists showed their finest work and ideas were tossed around. 

Their Hippy trail extended across the world and across the decades. Precisely this is what connects us at Elpelut with the 1960's Hippy tribe: the passion and love for purity. We capture the traditional hippy culture through handmade lifestyle products. By using artisanal techniques that have been passed down through generations, we are supporting traditional craft and culture from all over the world.

We love origins and originality. And it loves us. And so we are happy to share our hand-picked finds with you. Sharing the joy which natural goods bring us and sharing this with all of you, that's what Elpelut is all about. 

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