Multicolor Our first Multicoloured Striped Versions we designed for the Loewe Paula’s Ibiza collection. The combination of a Striped Fishermanslamp together with Unicolored pieces makes them always extra special. We now have 10 different patterns available.

MC2 pacific, hazel, whiskey, coral rose, dark brown, mandel, nude

MC4 olive, forest, jade green, dawn

MC8 burnt orange, dark brown, mandel, copper lurex, raspberry

MC9 whiskey, amber, apricot, mandel, burnt orange, coral rose, raspberry, copper lurex

MC11 forest, whiskey, nude

MC12 pacific, amber, cream, raspberry, dark brown, dawn


S5 chocolat, pacific, amber.

CognacS7 chocolat, pacific cream

S10 mandel, amber coconut cream

S11 coral, amber, pacific

Fishermanslamps • MC9 • Whiskey/Amber/Apricot/Mandel..

€ 408,00Price

    •   4-rings approx size      85/100 cm       

    •   5-rings approx size    115/130 cm       

    •   6-rings approx size   145/160 cm    

    •   7- rings approx size   150/175 cm 

    •   8-rings approx size    205/220 cm      

    •   9-rings approx size    235/250 cm       

    • 11-rings approx size    295/310 cm       

    • 13-rings approx size    355/370 cm