Silk Ecoprint & Tie Dye Kaftan

Very soft 100% hand-woven silk fabric with hand-embroidered neckline

Available in 

Tie dye blackish brown/cream

Tie dye brown/cream soon

Tie dye abricot/cream soon

Ecoprint yellow earth



1 size fits all

(the kaftans can be made to length)

Silk Kaftan, Embroidered Tie-Dye blackish brown/cream

€ 395,00Price
  • The sleeves  decorated with hand-embroidered flowers

  • This beautiful Kaftan, is so beautiful that it's temporary sold out.
    the women of Saheliwomen are working on this kaftan right now.

    You can order it, and we put you on the list. So keep in mind that you have to wait a little, because it's all handmade.. a unique pieces so to say.