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Elpelut handmade crocheted fisherman's lamps
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Elpelut • Fishermanslamps • Ibiza
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Slowfashion handmade artisans elpelut


Through our lifestyle label Elpelut, we have recreated the spirit of Ibiza from the 60s. By sourcing handmade items from all over the world and working closely with the local communities who create them, we try to set an example of what it means to respect and maintain the value of true craftsmanship.

Driven by the impressions we encounter during our travels, we source special items and designs that embody much more than the visible appearance – authentic origins, established traditions and the esteem of needlework are deeply-rooted in our process towards the product.

With the creation of our Fishermanslamps, we have created a design item that reciprocates the appreciative and conscious approach that Elpelut stands for. We reminisce on the beginnings of Elpelut, the process that led to the design of our globally recognized Fishermanslamps© and our collaboration with the Spanish fashion house LOEWE

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