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In our shop, we've organized our Fishermanslamps into colour themes. This is not just a coincidence; it's because these Fishermanslamps are beautiful on their own but also complement each other beautifully in colour and length. We've showcased this synergy in various hotels, shops and homes alongside renowned architects and stylists.

Dive into our colour themes for inspiration. Explore "Peaceful Neutrals"
where the most serene natural tones come together, or indulge in "Floral Fashion" featuring shades like Apricot and Fondant Pink. And for those seeking something bolder, check out our "All Green & Blues" collection for more rugged designs.
And let's not forget our "Happy Tones" collection, a stripe-inspired lineup where we've matched colours from our plain collection.
As we always say, the stripes make the uni colours more fun!



It's safe to say that our Fishermanslamps are here to stay.
With their versatility in colour and length, they're the perfect addition
to any design, no matter the season.

Colours and Sizes

Color chart for Elpelut

Prices and sizes of the plain colors:

  •   4-rings approx size      85/100 cm       €325

  •   5-rings approx size    115/130 cm       €375

  •   6-rings approx size    145/160 cm       €435

  •   8-rings approx size    205/220 cm       €595

  •   9-rings approx size    235/250 cm       €700

  • 11-rings approx size    295/310 cm       €875

  • 13-rings approx size    355/370 cm       €1035

(The Multi Coloured Fishermanslamps are plus 20%)

For special request, wholesale prices and fun assignments 
(which we love to do) you can always email us.

Size chart for Elpelut
Fishermanslamps handmade slow fashion interior
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