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Elpelut Slow Fashion Kaftan silk ecological dyed color Apricot6.jpg


Step into the world of Elpelut, where the art of slow fashion and the allure of handcrafted items come together in harmony. Our journey over the past five years has been a testament to our unwavering dedication to these values, leading us on a path of creativity, collaboration, and the creation of truly exceptional pieces. It all began with a simple idea and a deep appreciation for the artistry of handmade items. In these five years, we've transformed that idea into a reality that we're immensely proud of.

We invite you to browse through our Slow Fashion, Mosquito nets and Fishermanslamps lookbooks and get inspired by colour and material.
This way, in addition to exploring the items in our shop, you can delve into combinations, sizes, and of course, share our love for handmade products with you.

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