Spanish fashion house embraces
Elpelut’s fisherman’s lamp from Ibiza 
for its 2020 summer collection
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‘Please pinch me, this can’t be real!’ is what we thought when we stepped out of the Madrid headquarter of the luxury fashion house in October 2019. A few minutes before, our crocheted fisherman’s lamp had been very well received by the renowned fashion house. Our Ibizan company Elpelut designed these handmade treasures to create the perfect ambiance. The international fashion house recognized this immediately and as a result they are now using the lamps in all its stores to present the brand-new summer collection.

Dream come true

The story behind this dream deal seemed too good to be true. We started off as the two happy founders of Elpelut, wanting to bring more color and inspiration to this world by curating handmade lifestyle products.

A secret shopper spotted the lamp at the boutique hotel Los Enamorados in Portinatx, Ibiza and purchased several different designs. It didn’t take long for the fashion house to discover that Elpelut could be a great match in presenting their new collection. Within the blink of an eye we found ourselves in their head office in Madrid, and our adventure began.


Working with artisanal techniques and supporting traditional craft and culture from all over the world are core values of us and they fit seamlessly with the mission statement of the fashion house. Who would have thought that an international fashion giant and a small domestic company like Elpelut would have so much in common?


The game was on

And now the game was on! We were facing the challenge of producing nearly 2000 fisherman’s lamps of various sizes on very short notice for the world-wide release of their new ‘Ibiza Collection 2020’.

The presentation of this summer collection in high-end shops is complemented by the lamps due to their integrated colors and designs.


This is the perfect opportunity for us to show our lamps world-wide and share our love for handcrafted products. We were up for the challenge! Although we only had five months, we were convinced that we could deliver. We decided to produce the lamps in Uttar Pradesh, India, where traditional crochet techniques are practiced by artisans to this every day. What ensued was a period of tight deadlines, multiple visits to India to guarantee excellent quality and emotional ups and downs. Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, we made it through it all, and the result is something we are proud of!


Ibiza Collection 2020

That summer the new ‘Ibiza Collection 2020’ was being released, showing our Elpelut fisherman’s lamps in store fronts of luxurious shopping streets all over the world. Starting in Madrid, followed by European hotspots like Paris, Rome, London, Lisbon, and Berlin. The collection will also be presented in New York, Miami and Las Vegas. When traveling East, you will even find the lamps in Beijing, Tokyo, Hong Kong and Singapore.

Elpelut conquers the world! Not too bad for two stylists with a shared love for handcrafted items that come with a unique story. Girl power from Ibiza!