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Our handloom Poncho's  with handmade embroidery 

In a beautiful collaboration with the women of the Himalayas, Elpelut presents a stunning handwoven poncho that embodies the essence of slow fashion. After witnessing their incredible craftsmanship, we decided to support these talented artisans by commissioning them to create these exquisite pieces.


To add an extra dimension, we partnered with the Saheliewomen to incorporate a unique hand-embroidered storyline into each poncho. Every piece is a labor of love, reflecting the rich heritage and skillful artistry of these women.


This poncho encapsulates the essence of the upcoming fashion trends, seamlessly blending the beauty of weaving with the luxurious dark goat wool sourced from the Himalayas, and the elegant embroidery by these gifted women. It is a true testament to the union of traditional craftsmanship and contemporary style.


Designed exclusively for Elpelut, this poncho represents the perfect harmony between sustainability, cultural preservation, and timeless fashion.




€ 495,00Price
Colors SlowFashion
  • Handwoven

    The wool is sourced from the nomadic shepherds in the Himalaya. Handspun and handwoven in the Kulli Valley @kullvi_whims 

  • Handmade Embrodery

    We have a story to tell

    Hand embroidered by Saheliwomen