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Embrace the Final Summer Glow with Elpelut's Exclusive Summersale

Updated: Sep 4

Our Debut Blog Introduces Handcrafted Slow Fashion in an Amazing Summer Sale!
Embrace the Final Summer Glow with Elpelut's Summersale

Elpelut works with communities of women who make our items by hand. We support these communities by making the decision of leaving the production process at their location instead of re-locating it to Europe and deracinating the craft from its roots. We believe local arts and crafts have the power to express a local as well as a universal identity.

kaftan tie dye soft silk fuchsia/lilac

Summersale handcrafted slow fashion, kaftans & dresses and fishermanslamps

Esther de Munnik and Sonya Groot of Elpelut

Elpelut is founded by Sonya Groot and Esther de Munnik and based in Amsterdam and Ibiza. Two happy founders whose mission is to bring more colour and inspiration to this world by curating handmade lifestyle products.

The company’s name Elpelut stems from ‘els peluts’, meaning ‘the hairy ones’. It’s the nickname the Spanish gave to hippies on Ibiza in the 60’s. Elpelut captures the traditional hippie culture through handmade lifestyle products.

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