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Our Happy Striped Fishermanslamps make the uni coloured ones more special.

The Fishermanslamp is one of our first items we designed for Elpelut,

they truly represent the values we pursue to express with our brand.

FISHERMANSLAMP • Our Happy Striped Ones

€ 325,00Price
Color options
  • Sizes & Materials

    All Fishermanslamps are made of 100% cotton

    •   4-rings approx size     85/100 cm       
    •   5-rings approx size    115/130 cm       
    •   6-rings approx size    145/160 cm      
    •   8-rings approx size    205/220 cm      
    •   9-rings approx size    235/250 cm       
    • 11-rings approx size    295/310 cm       
    • 13-rings approx size    355/370 cm    


    The uni-colours are available in 4, 5 ,6 & 8 rings in stock,
    the longer sizes we produce on request.

    The striped multi-colours are available in 5, 6, 7 & 8 rings.
    (depending the color combination)

  • Colours and Stripes

    We have made 7 beautiful striped cobinations for you. Matching perfectly with our uni coloured Fishermanslamps collection.


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